Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jewell and her sisters

The four Hays sisters were inseparable their entire lives.  Even if they lived in different cities they talked almost every day. The ones living in the same cities saw each other every day.

From left to right:

Bertha Crystal Jane Hays                     1-23-1912
Jewell Louetta Ann Hays                      8-18-1905
Goldie Opal Melissa Hays                    2-19-1914
Birdie Dorothy Silvesta                        6-14-1918

My Dad used to say if one of the Hays sisters went to the bathroom, they all had to go. And I saw this many times--they all went together.

Three of the sisters married brothers.

Jewell married Alva Raney  -  born 1906
Bertha married Edgar Raney - born 1909
Dorothy married Cecil Raney -born 1914
Goldie married Mac Westbay
From left: Dorothy, Jewell, Bertha

From left: Bertha, Jewell, Dorothy


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