Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grandma Jewells Door-stop dolls

My grandmother Jewell was a seamstress and she was always sewing something.  In her 70's she made these doll door-stops for each of her children and grandchildren which was 23.

 I really don't know if any great-grands asked for one or not, it would be almost impossible to count all the great-grands.

She took either a empty dish soap bottle or 2-liter pop bottle and filled it with sand.  She made a muslin cover for each one.  Then she made an under skirt with trim.  She made a dress with all the trimmings too.  She purchased a doll for each one, these are bigger than the Barbie ones so I don't know where she located them.  Oh and each one had a matching hat.

I'm sure her back and hands were tired making all of these and I appreciate mine so much.