Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grandma Jewell's Crazy Quilts

Grandma Jewell standing in front of her house in Norwood, Missouri

Growing up the one thing I loved about going to Grandma Jewell's house in the country was covering
up with one of her hand-made CRAZY quilts.  She had a upstairs that was totally open and she had three double beds.  They were feather beds with lots of quilts to cover up with.  There was a railroad line about 600 feet from her doorstep and we would listed to the train whistles at night and the clickity clack of  railroad tracks.  To this day the sound of trains make me feel happy and safe.

Grandma's house had two stories and the bottom floor was heated by a wood stove. The upstairs became quite cold in the winter.

Grandma gave me this quilt she made years ago. It's a crazy quilt because all of the pieces are put together with no real design.  She kept a lot of the clothes her kids wore (which she made) and extra fabric and made all of the quilts for her house.  She used pieces of scrap flannel to back them with.

I'm certainly enjoying writing down the memories.